Introducing PrimeFlow

The team at Meshprime is excited to present our first product - PrimeFlow. PrimeFlow is designed to be a minimal first implementation to test our fundamental assumptions: that there is lots of latent value in personal networks, and that an adequate tool for sharing it collaboratively could unlock that value. We just recently completed our first proof-of-concept and are still testing and iterating with early users, but we will open up beta testing to a larger audience soon.

Sign up on the website if you’d like to join the testing. 

Introducing PrimeFlow

PrimeFlow is a tool for relationship-based businesses such as recruiting or venture capital to build partnerships with their network to find better opportunities and drive business together. A part of the cash flows generated when suitable opportunities are found is shared with the network.

Consider the following example:

  • A recruiter reaches out to their network in search of a JavaScript developer for a corporate role. 
  • Their network suggests people they know or forward the request to somebody they think may know the right person. 
  • The recruiter chooses the best candidate suggested by the network and can fill the role.
  • At this point, the people who contributed automatically get paid their share of the pre-specified reward (e.g. 2000 pounds)

Think of it as an automated referral program (on steroids). Opportunities are shared over multiple hops and as soon as a match is found, the reward is paid out automatically to everybody who contributed. PrimeFlow’s curation mechanism ensures that only the most relevant opportunities are surfaced.

Here are some of the unique benefits PrimeFlow enables:

  • Improves the quality and relevance of the discovered opportunities and surfaces information that would otherwise remain hidden (e.g. passive job seekers).
  • Increases the efficiency of the process - facilitate a high signal-to-noise information exchange between people and automate the transactional aspect of the exchange.
  • Enables long-term mutually beneficial partnerships on the basis of meritocratic reward distribution and aligned incentives.
  • Optimises user experience - PrimeFlow is radically easy to use and integrates with existing workflows. 

Who is PrimeFlow for?

One of the core principles in designing PrimeFlow was its generality. As a result, the tool is useful for any kind of business that relies on personal networks. This flexibility allows us to map onto real relationship structures, which may change in across industries and over time.

PrimeFlow provides a framework through which high-value information is well identified, shared, and matched with the counterpart information (a candidate with a job, an asset with a buyer, a client with a provider).

In that sense, PrimeFlow connects these two sides of opaque markets mediated by personal connections:

  1. People looking for information or access to an asset (recruiters, investors, salespeople).

  1. People who want to take advantage of having access to desirable information or assets (job candidates, startups looking for funding, job vacancies, a product to sell, etc.).

Motivation and vision

PrimeFlow can be seen as our first mission at Meshprime, but our vision reaches further than that. We want to build technology to enable a new, distributed future of work. A future where humans are empowered to work and create on their terms, on the tasks they can add the most value - and be rewarded proportionally. The boundaries between companies will start to blur and we will see an increasing number of networks of collaborators spanning different organisations and jurisdictions.  The collectively produced value will be shared fairly and transparently and global online collaboration will be the default. 

But we still have a long way to go until that vision can turn into reality. Before we will see completely decentralised organisations take over, there are many remaining hurdles and, as we believe, intermediary steps. 

We are especially interested in the concept of “hybrid organisations” - organisations that tap into the power of distributed networks and self-organising crowds, but function as a “normal” company at their core. It is for those companies that realise the power of decentralised collaboration but don’t have the risk appetite to experiment with unproven structures that PrimeFlow is especially relevant for: It offers to them the benefits of decentralised online collaboration without having to restructure their entire business processes. 

September 11, 2019
#' Meshprime Technologies Ltd.
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